Chopt Logic currently offers in-school physical theatre workshops that can be tailored to suit each class individually. We offer workshops in Viewpoints, Laban Movement Analysis, The Suzuki Method of Actor Training, Acro-Balance and devising physical based performance. Ideal for drama students from Grades 8 to 12. Shane Anthony and Tina Mitchell have taught a variety of theatre workshops in Australian schools for the last 10 years and continue to return to several High Schools in Sydney on an ongoing basis. We'd love to discuss how we can assist with your classes, so don't hesitate to get in touch. 

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"I adore Tina and Shane's teaching style - thoroughly organised but ready and able to change up the session if an interesting idea is introduced and participants are keen to explore that. I really admire their ability to pitch the workshops at all levels of competency and am super keen to come down again for another workshop with similar content - or perhaps a workshop devoted to Laban. Thank you again Tina and Shane!"

Arminelle Fleming, Director, Actor and Teaching Artist - Theatre iNQ Education Co-ordinator, Townsville

"Exploring, understanding and applying Viewpoints to my work as an artist has been immensely valuable - not only as a way of opening up the magnitude of what I can explore on my own but also as an extremely useful tool of a shared vocabulary when working with an ensemble. Tina is a superb teacher who is able to break down very complex frameworks into the simplest, most practical of applications. She is excellent at bringing ensembles together whilst also being able to keep her keen eye on the technique and form of every individual involved."  

Jacqueline Marriott, Actor and Teaching Artist - New York Film Academy, Sydney

"I learned a lot and really enjoyed the training. I felt really taken care of in terms of body/health/headspace."

"Tina teaches so well because she can actually do it all. She sets a great example for students as she is in top form." - Josie

"Tina's sessions are challenging but fun and her firm but nurturing approach to her work instills confidence as well as a healthy sense of self-awareness in her students." - Richard