VIEWPOINTS and LABAN for performers and teaching artists

with Tina Mitchell and Shane Anthony

DATES AND TIMES: Saturday and Sunday September 15th – 16th, 10 am - 5 pm.

VENUE: International Screen Academy, 242 Young St, Waterloo NSW 2017

COST: Full $295 or Earlybird $275 if payment is received by August 3rd, 2018. (10% discount for returning students.)

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This weekend workshop will provide artists with an exciting approach to acting and stagecraft.

A practical weekend workshop, in which participants will train in the core principles of Viewpoints and Laban Movement Analysis and examine their application to characterization, performance and the staging of classic and contemporary texts. Ideal for performers and theatre makers who want to hone their physical and vocal expression and discover the full expressive potential of the actor’s body. 

Morning sessions will focus on an introduction to Viewpoints and Laban, while afternoon sessions will focus on applying the training as rehearsal tools.


"I adore Tina and Shane's teaching style - thoroughly organised but ready and able to change up the session if an interesting idea is introduced and participants are keen to explore that. I really admire their ability to pitch the workshops at all levels of competency and am super keen to come down again for another workshop with similar content - or perhaps a workshop devoted to Laban. Thank you again Tina and Shane!"

Arminelle Fleming, Director, Actor and Teaching Artist - Theatre iNQ Education Co-ordinator, Townsville

"Exploring, understanding and applying Viewpoints to my work as an artist has been immensely valuable - not only as a way of opening up the magnitude of what I can explore on my own but also as an extremely useful tool of a shared vocabulary when working with an ensemble. Tina is a superb teacher who is able to break down very complex frameworks into the simplest, most practical of applications. She is excellent at bringing ensembles together whilst also being able to keep her keen eye on the technique and form of every individual involved." - Jacqueline


Viewpoints is an improvisational performance method which evolved from post modern dance. Its founder, Mary Overlie, used the method as a structure for dance improvisations. She broke down the elements of performance into the categories of time and space. Further developed by Anne Bogart and the SITI Company, Viewpoints is used to build a strong ensemble, to give performers an awareness of the power of their physical expression, to create dynamic stage moments and as a practical directing language.


A systematic approach to breaking down the elements of movement. The technique mirrors many aspects of Viewpoints and can be used in the creation of both physical choreography and characterization. The underlying principle of this method is that our conscious and subconscious behaviour is reflected through our movement and gestures. Through the Laban effort work a performer can explore a range of movement qualities that can be practically applied to characterization work.